Who is George the Poet?

George the Poet is a London-born spoken word performer of Ugandan heritage. His innovative brand of musical poetry has won him critical acclaim both as a recording artist and a social commentator.

BEYOND music

The social commentary at the core of George's work extends beyond his music. With the brand new Search Party App, George connects his listeners with organisations around the world tackling the issues addressed in his poetry. Click here to find out more.


For more information on George the Poet's work beyond music, please click here


The Search Party App is the bridge between my words and your actions. We've been working with social impact studio, Super Being Labs to make this into something that mobilises action.

On this app you'll find a special collection of my poems written specifically about the practical future of the world, i.e. Sustainable Development.

These poems outline some of the issues facing development using real stories from my life. Along with a video of each poem you'll also find a written breakdown of the lyrics. And if that's not enough, the team and I have included information about people out there tackling these issues, and what you can do to help.


Have You Heard George's Podcast?


Music, satire and time travel all collide in this razor-sharp new offering from George the Poet. The wordsmith rips up the rule book in his return to the stage, with three different shows in three different cities. Each show pretends to be nothing more than a live podcast, but quickly morphs into something much weirder.


To buy tickets to the show click the EVERYMAN link below. 


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