Education has always been at the core of George the Poet's work. In 2012 he delivered poetry workshops to disadvantaged young people, after winning a social enterprise competition called "The Stake", organised by Barclay's and Channel 4. The aim of the workshops was to teach participants the technique of converting study notes into poems - a skill developed by George himself, which contributed to his own educational success. 

Like all other areas of George's career, these workshops have since evolved with his profile. He is now a regular school speaker, delivering workshops and presentations on topics such as:

- GCSE/A Level Choices

- University/Oxbridge Applications

- English in Context (Lit & Lang)

- Sociology in Context

- The Value of the Arts

- The Value of Creativity

- The Value of Storytelling

- Social Awareness & Political Engagement

- Careers Advice

- The Entertainment Business

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